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Welcome to the Natural Resources Library Databases!

The Natural Resources Library at the University of Minnesota produces these four indexes for use by the public, as well as our students, staff and faculty.

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Social Sciences in Forestry

This database indexes publications in 41 subject areas relating the social sciences to forestry. Among them are: legislation, policy and planning, management, economic development, investment and finance.

Trail Planning, Construction, and Maintenance

Indexes publications relating to the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of all types of trails. Includes trail use studies.

Tropical Forest Conservation and Development

Subjects indexed include: Tropical forest resources; deforestation; conservation; indigenous peoples; management; policy; trade and industrial development; nontimber forest products; research, education, and training; and history.

Urban Forestry

Indexes publications relating to the history of urban forestry; urban forest legislation; the benefits of urban forests; selection and planting of trees; maintenance of the urban forest; planning and management; and urban forestry programs.